Saturday, August 22, 2009

Figs Again

It's been a year since I wrote on this blog. Maybe I am just extremely lazy or perhaps I have been distracted by life. I don't know, but today I went to the farmer's market and saw figs, tons and tons of them. I guess it's the season and looking at the date of my last post it's almost exactly last year.
My wife and I bought some, but we ended up buying them at Trader Joe's. They were organic and a bit cheaper than the ones we saw at the farmer's market. I brought them home and quartered them and put them in a sauce pan with a tiny bit of water and some agave. I brought them to a simmer and cooked them for about 20 minutes. They slowly broke down and the flavor intensified as the water reduced. After the 20 minutes I let them cool.

At fresh and easy we bought some brie cheese. Yes, we shopped in three locations today. I know it sounds crazy. I served the fig jam on a poppy seed cracker with some brie cheese. Wow! Great taste. Here is a picture of figs.

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