Saturday, August 30, 2008

I love Italy

What is it about Italy that I like so much? May be I will write a few of the things:

I like the blue sky that's free of smog and is crystal clear.
I love the smell of wood burning in the fireplace of my friends Stefano and Marvi.
I love the smell of steak grilling a few inches above the burning wood.
I love espresso in the morning with a dash of foamy milk.
I like espresso in the afternoon when I am invited to someone's house. I also like when it's served with anise cookies.
I love my apartment with the exposed beams and the hand cut tiles on the floor each one having a different pattern. They have the appearance of what the inside of a rock might look like if you could saw it in half.
I love my Italian neighbors who sit on the stoop at night smoking cigarettes and telling stories. They stop me and my wife before we retire and ask us about America. Sometimes they talk about George Bush and when they do their faces turn red with anger.
I love eating T-bone steaks at Da Dario's with french fries and a green salad. My kids especially like the big bowl of un-cut fruit that is presented after the meal along with a variety of homemade biscotti cookies. I dunk them in my espresso.
I love the hiss of the espresso machine. I love the sight of the dripping espresso and I really love the rich, dark crema that floats on top.
I love the bitter taste of it on my lips.
I love eating gelato early in the morning. My kids joke that I only let them eat ice cream for breakfast when we are in Italy.
I love the fact that we have no TV in our apartment. My kids don't love this!

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