Sunday, August 30, 2009

Un Bell Caffe

When I fell in love with Italy I fell in love with many things such as the beautiful countryside, the warm people the truly rustic food and of course the caffe. I was a heavy coffee drinker since the age of 14, but it was always very strong drip coffee with a bit of heavy cream or milk if I didn't have the cream. This is what I thought good coffee was. How little did I know.
It wasn't until I had caffe con leche in Spain did I realize what real espresso was meant to taste like. The caffe was strong, but really tasty and I couldn't get enough of that flavor.

Now when I get off the plane in Rome the first thing I do is stop by the bar and have an espresso. I stand with all the Italians and take in the language and the general camaraderie. It's a blast and the coffee is so damn good.

I quit smoking cigarettes 23 years ago. I quit drinking alcohol 14 years ago and now I only drink espresso. No more drip coffee for me. I can't stand the taste. I would rather not drink anything if I can't have un bell caffe.
This picture is from Ground Works in Los Angeles. A great place for un bell caffe.

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