Saturday, September 5, 2009

French Macarons

My wife has been a little under the weather for the last couple of days which is extremely uncomfortable when it's over 100 degrees and smoky from fires burning in the hills a few miles away. She's been her usual, cheerful self despite everything and when I went out this afternoon she yelled at me "macarons". Which I knew meant to stop at Euro Pane on my way home for their Carmel and Sea Salt macarons.

I drove down the 110 freeway to visit a bike shop in Highland park called LA Flying Pigeon. They sell Chinese and Dutch bicycles, the kind of bikes you're intended to ride to work not to race in the Tour de France. These bicycles have fenders and chain protectors and some have big baskets on the front. They're unusual looking, but cool. The kind of bike I would love to ride in downtown LA late at night when the streets were quite.

I took one for a spin and at first was very uncomfortable. I own an expensive Cannondale mountain bike that weighs only 22 pounds and have been riding it for over 14 years. It's the only bike I have ridden for that many years and it feels like an old coat that my body has molded to fit just right.

I test rode a Flying Pigeon bike from China. It cost only $295.00 and it felt like it only cost $295.00. It was rough and awkward and the front wheel seemed unusually large. I rode it around the block and jumped off. Not the bike for me.

I then tried a Dutch bicycle called the Batavus. It was black and sleek and had fenders and rode really well. It was smooth as silk and fit like the old coat. I wanted to buy it right away and I even asked the owner of the shop if he would take my Cannondale for it. He said no of course. He claimed he couldn't sell a used bike in that shop.

I hope to return if I find $900 lying around. It seems a bit expensive, but the bike was so cool.

Before going home I stopped at Euro Pane and peered through the showcase window at all the pastries. I was there for macarons, but was tempted by chocolate tarts, and a big berry pie . I saw a girl sitting at one of the tables eating that pie. People from across the room eyed enviously and an older woman made mention that she would love to have one if it wasn't for the fact that she was having dessert for dinner and two desserts in one day was too much.

I bought 3 macarons, a lemon one, an espresso one and the caramel, sea salt one and I also picked up a double chocolate brownie for my son James. He loves chocolate and I can't go to Euro Pane without getting him something.

When I got home my wife Anne was waiting. She cut the cookies into fours and asked for an iced espresso coffee to accompany her sweet. She was starting to feel much better after all this. I'm sure.

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